Hey, Y'all! In this episode, we are going to have fun because we are talking about boys. We are going to unravel things from what we look for in a guy to introducing someone special we call Boy "B". So, let the boy talk begin!

The Green Couch Convos
00:28:08 11/5/2021

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The Green Couch Convos
HEY EVERYONE In this episode, you get to listen to shae while she embarks on this solo mission this week to bring you insight and tell y'all about her experiences while dealing with coronavirus not once, but twice. Sit back and enjoy!
00:00:00 11/12/2021
The Green Couch Convos
In todays episode we will dive into the world of food. Healthy and unhealthy, you guys will be able to come on a journey through our eyes to see how we feel and what we think about food. Enjoy!
00:26:03 10/29/2021
The Green Couch Convos
Hey y'all In this episode, you will hear us answering questions and talking a little bit about everything. From traveling to places To Our biggest fears. Hope you enjoy it!
00:40:06 10/22/2021
The Green Couch Convos
Love talking about sex but hate not having anyone to talk to about it? Well you came to the right podcast! In this episode we will dive into our first time, sex partners, things we never said out Loud, and so much more. Enjoy!
00:24:55 10/15/2021
The Green Couch Convos
Hey Guys In this episode we will be talking about influencers that influenced us to do what we love. Sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy this episode because the tea is being spilled.
00:40:02 10/8/2021
The Green Couch Convos
Taking you guys through our Childhood up until Adulthood. In this episode you will hear about where we grew up and all of our obstacles and good times we've been through.
00:37:46 10/1/2021

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