Welcome back to the Unimpressive Podcast. On this episode, my hilarious friend, Andrew, explains why he is unimpressed by woke culture invading all of his favorite movie franchises. He also shares why he is unimpressed by the victimhood mentality and racial division. I, of course, agree that all of these things are wildly unimpressive.

The Unimpressive Podcast
00:00:00 6/2/2021

Past Episodes

The Unimpressive Podcast
Jordan watches The Breakfast Club for the very first time. By the way, fuck you.
00:00:00 9/14/2023
The Unimpressive Podcast
Our friend, Robby Spotlight, calls in to explain why he is unimpressed by foot fetishes, the Mona Lisa, college degrees, and much more. Follow him on facebook, twitter, snapchat, and/or instagram: @robbyspotlight
00:00:00 9/18/2021
The Unimpressive Podcast
Yeah, yeah, I'm a piece of shit. Fuck you.
00:00:00 6/2/2020
The Unimpressive Podcast
Jaiden explains why Tash Sultana's music is basic af and definitely does NOT make a legal argument for the pedophiles on "To catch a predator." All in a super condescending tone. Fuck you, by the way.
00:00:00 5/24/2020

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