In this week's episode, we're talking all about Cherish's new haircut, The Bachelor, Donny & Marie, and limiting beliefs! We dive into our own limiting beliefs and things that we struggle with.

What you'll hear on today's episode:

Um, limited beliefs? What are those?

The beliefs that we personally have that have been holding us back

*What the heck we do about it

*How to identity and overcome our limiting beliefs

*Changing our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves

*Create different beliefs!

Things we referred to during the show:

*@heyaubreygirl - our sweet friend that runs ANYA

*ANYA - Mamahood Community that strengthens your mental health

*$10 off your first month at ANYA with code MVMAMAS



Minivan Mamas
00:26:06 6/22/2021

Past Episodes

Minivan Mamas

Mamas, put your headphones in, this episode is PG-13! You guys LOVED our Fireworks episode so much that we're doing a sequel! We're diving a little deeper and answering a few questions you guys have sent our way!

What you'll hear on this episode:

*Where the heck do you start to find a vibrator?

*Lube, lube, lots of lube

*Who's been skinny dipping and who hasn't

*And lots of other questions that had us laughing (and hopefully you too!)

Follow us on instagram:

00:42:43 8/24/2021
Minivan Mamas

Raise your hand if like pineapple on pizza! Today we're chatting all about unpopular opinions - and our take on them! Things like essential oils, biker shorts, crop tops, and how a steak should be properly cooked. ;)

What we talked about on today's episode:

*Lemon oil to take out those pesky tiny hair elastics!
*Lavender oil for burns
*Unpopular opinions (ours and yours!)

DM us your unpopular opinions on Instagram!

00:46:43 8/17/2021
Minivan Mamas

The episode about, well, EVERYTHING. Cherish conquering c*vid, purchasing a puppy, and selling a house - all within 2 weeks! Plus more life updates, Lex's experience with kids wetting the bed and what she did to help it, back to school, and well a whole lot more!

What you'll hear in today's episode:

*Our own experiences having C*vid

*How it's going with Cherish's new puppy

*Cherish's house update and where they're headed

*Life updates, Amazon purchases and back to school

*Lex's experience with child bed-wetting and accidents

*How we stole someone's beach stuff

Our recent Amazon purchases:

*36 pack of Playdough

*High Pitch Noise for Dogs

*Vibrating Collar for Dogs

*Steve Madden Boots

*My Little Prayer book by David Archuleta

*Outdoor Jute Rug


*Dog Doorbell

*Mini Wacky Inflatable Tube Man


*Racecar Garland -

*Ice Cream Sand Set -

*Car Phone Mount -

*Skinny Girl Bras -

*3 pack of biker shorts  -

Grab Petite and Neat's Cleaning Ebook:

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01:05:40 8/10/2021
Minivan Mamas

Jumping into today's episode with our plans for our official MM Minivan (one day!), some fun TV shows that we've been watching, messy middle stages and the biggest news of the day… one of us is getting a PUPPY! Yep, that's right, a puppy! Then onto irrational fears - like snakes in the toilet and public bathrooms. You guys had us dying with some of your fears that you sent in (turns out we have them too!)

What we talked about on this episode:

TV Shows: King of Pain, Hoards, Dr. Pimple Popper, and the Home Edit

Whiffit: wooden air fresheners for your car! Makes our vans smell like Anthropologie -

Force of Nature Cleaner -

Kirkland Car Microfiber Cloths from Costco

DM us your pet peeves on instagram!

00:48:16 8/3/2021
Minivan Mamas

We're jumping into this episode without diet coke (I know, I know, who are we?!) and chatting about what we do when our husbands are out of town (hint: take out and sleeping with the tv on!) Then we dive into expectations in marriage - some great and some not so great. We chat about our own unrealistic expectations and the mishaps that happen because of them (ha!) 

What you'll hear on today's episode:

* How we can't sleep when our husbands are out of town

* "No one can meet an expectation they don't know is there."

* Unrealistic expectations in marriage and all of our real life stories.

* How we handle conflict and if we like all the same things our spouse does

* How our husband's taste in music differs from our own

* Realistic expectations and how we love watching Impractical Jokers at night

00:30:29 7/27/2021
Minivan Mamas

In today's episode, we announce our new minivan NAMES (that you guys helped us come up with!) and also what's in the minivan. Hint: it definitely looks like we've been traveling with kids. Since it's summer, we're chatting all about traveling with our families - the good, the bad, and the not so instagram worthy. ;) 

What you'll hear on today's episode:

* Our new minivan names!

* "Vacationing with kids is a good way to get away from your sanity and relax not even for a second"

* Our favorite places that we've travelled with our kids (driving and flying!)

* How we make our trips go smoother: filling the canteen, packing in advance, doing laundry before we go...

* All about our DVD players in the car and why we love them!

* Who's more of a planner and who's go with the flow

* Car sickness hacks 

* Why it's TOTALLY worth going on trips with your kids 

Things we talk about in the show:

* Duo DVD players:

* Sensory toys:

* Minivan Mamas Instagram:

00:33:11 7/20/2021
Minivan Mamas

In this week's episode, we're chatting all about the tv shows we're watching - some oldies but goodies! And sharing the best advice that you guys shared with us on instagram. Then we dive deep into family planning - how many kids, how far apart, how to know when you're done having kids, birth control, vasectomies, all the things.

What you'll hear on today's episode:

*How many kids we wanted growing up, when we got married, and how many we want now

*Planning for more kids

*The hardest transition when adding more kids

*Our experiences with birth control

*How to know when you're done having kids and vasectomies

Follow us on instagram for behind the scenes recording in our vans (yep, we really record in our van!) and help us name our minivan!

00:43:20 7/13/2021
Minivan Mamas

In this week's episode, we're chatting all about Cherish's BIRTHDAY and Lex's anniversary trip, plus how many Target bags are in the van. We also need you to help us name our minivans! Submit your names on instagram. :) Then we dive right into jealousy, gossiping, and our own experiences with it all. We've been on both sides - the ones not saying the nicest things - and then hearing it about ourselves. And we're re-vowing to be the nice girls. 

What you'll hear on today's episode:

*Mama drama, jealousy, and how we're vowing not to take part in it

*Our own experiences with it all (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

*How we all need to Be Like Jeni

*"Nice girls are pretty girls"

*We're all human and make mistakes, so give each other the benefit of the doubt :)

Follow us on instagram for behind the scenes recording in our vans (yep, we really record in our van!) and help us name our minivan!

00:25:33 7/6/2021
Minivan Mamas

Put in your headphones, mama - today we're talking all about those fireworks in marriage! We kick off the episode with Cherish's hilarious honeymoon story and then we jump right into all things s-e-x - how many times a week, why it's so important, scheduling, and filling the canteen!

What you'll hear in this episode:

* Answering the question - How many times a week?

* Different stages of life and how it affects our sex life

* Why communication is sooooo dang important

* What happens when it's been a hot minute

* Birth control preferences

* Woman's arousal stages

* Filling the canteen

What we refer to in this episode:

*Carlie Webb Palmer - Christian Sex Educator


Thanks so much for listening! New episode every Tuesday. Join us on instagram for podcast updates and to join the minivan mama village.

00:37:50 6/29/2021
Minivan Mamas
Raise your hand if you were a *perfect* parent before having kids! Today we're chatting about all the things we swore we would NEVER do as a parent. And now that we have kids, well, we do them all. 😜 What you'll hear on today's episode: All the things we said we'd NEVER do - like a drive a minivan! How Alexa puts herself in time-out Our rants on character shirts and light up shoes Cherish's journey with homemade baby food, breastfeeding, pumping and formula feeding Which one of us is getting a DOG! Things we referenced in the show: The Haakaa breast pump Minivan Mamas Instagram
00:36:04 6/15/2021

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