The tables are turned in this episode of Prickly and Blooming, as Jessie Browning sits in the guest chair and is interviewed by Amanda, a podcast launch specialist, podcast coach and producer. Jessie talks about her new direction that focuses on Texas women on the show. She also shares what she's learned through the podcast.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:03] Intro
  • [05:44] Meet Amanda
  • [07:49] Amanda takes the reins
  • [08:25] The concept before the shift
  • [11:03] Exploring what it means to be Texan
  • [17:26] What planted to seed to shift the show focus
  • [23:23] What makes Texan women so special
  • [27:25] Honing the skill of podcasting
  • [40:10] Jessie's identity with Texas
  • [47:40] How to Jessie grow and achieve this vision
  • [53:37] Contacting Amanda

Resources Mentioned:

Standout Quotes:

  • "Women who think they don't have a story usually have the most universal story. The ones that people can connect to the absolute most." -Jessie [10:45]
  • "I want to learn about the state through the people of the state." -Jessie [27:14]
  • "I think that the thing that is most important about podcasting and growing an audience is consistency because people get really used to hearing you on a certain day, you know. They want consistency and know that you're there." -Amanda [38:10]


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Prickly and Blooming
00:00:00 9/8/2021

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