AAISAD 0290 - Islamist Mass Murderer in Boulder, CO. Sweden's Greta Thunberg dictates to US House. Canadian Regime vs. Christian Church, incl. GraceLife Church.

Islamist Mass Murderer of ten, attempted murderer of many, many tens, 'taken into custody' by Boulder, CO police and SWAT team, unbelievable!

US House of Representatives once again panders to Greta Thunberg. The ironies in her demands of Congress.

Canada's Despotic Regime's war against Christian Churches generally, but especially GraceLife Church of Edmonton, Alberta, and Pastor James Coates via lackey RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Lies, indoctrination, propaganda, and marching toward despotic tyrants' World-Wide Fascist Police State.

Time is running out, "Better red than dead?"

Jeremiah 4.

Brad Thomas presents, "After All Is Said & Done"
00:53:58 4/22/2021

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